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JSON -> DataFrame 変換

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

import os
import sys
import json
import pickle

from pathlib import Path
from tqdm import tqdm
DATA_PATH = Path("../input/Predicting_the_number_of_citations_to_a_paper/")
FEATURE_PATH = Path("../features/")
FEATURE_PATH.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
def get_data_iter(fpath):
    with open(fpath, 'r') as f:
        for l in f:
            yield l
columns = ['id', 'submitter', 'authors', 'title', 'comments', 'journal-ref',
           'doi', 'report-no', 'categories', 'license', 'abstract', 'versions',
           'update_date', 'authors_parsed', 'doi_cites']
TARGET = 'cites'

tmp = []
train_iter = get_data_iter(DATA_PATH / "train_data.json")
for line in tqdm(train_iter, total=851_524):

train_df = pd.DataFrame(tmp, columns=columns+[TARGET])
with open(FEATURE_PATH / "train.pickle", 'wb') as f:
    pickle.dump(train_df, f)

tmp = []
test_iter = get_data_iter(DATA_PATH / "test_data.json")
for line in tqdm(test_iter, total=59_084):

test_df = pd.DataFrame(tmp, columns=columns)
with open(FEATURE_PATH / "test.pickle", 'wb') as f:
    pickle.dump(test_df, f)
100%|██████████| 851524/851524 [00:33<00:00, 25126.47it/s]
100%|██████████| 59084/59084 [00:01<00:00, 46464.33it/s]
(851524, 16)
id submitter authors title comments journal-ref doi report-no categories license abstract versions update_date authors_parsed doi_cites cites
0 hep-ph/9902295 Michael Kraemer Mark E. Hayes (University College London) and ... Heavy-Flavour Production at HERA LaTeX, 21 pages, 13 Postscript figures. Summar... J.Phys.G25:1477-1493,1999 10.1088/0954-3899/25/7/332 CERN-TH/99-30, UCL/HEP 99-03 hep-ph hep-ex None We review the theoretical and experimental s... [{'version': 'v1', 'created': 'Wed, 10 Feb 199... 2008-11-26 [[Hayes, Mark E., , University College London]... 1 NaN
1 1403.7138 Aigen Li Qi Li, S.L. Liang, Aigen Li (University of Mis... Spectropolarimetric Constraints on the Nature ... 5 pages, 2 figures; accepted for publication i... None 10.1093/mnrasl/slu021 None astro-ph.GA http://arxiv.org/licenses/nonexclusive-distrib... While it is well recognized that interstella... [{'version': 'v1', 'created': 'Thu, 27 Mar 201... 2015-06-19 [[Li, Qi, , University of Missouri], [Liang, S... 8 7.0
2 1405.5857 Michael Mortonson Michael J. Mortonson, Uro\v{s} Seljak A joint analysis of Planck and BICEP2 B modes ... 13 pages, 4 figures; submitted to JCAP; refere... JCAP10(2014)035 10.1088/1475-7516/2014/10/035 None astro-ph.CO gr-qc hep-ph hep-th http://arxiv.org/licenses/nonexclusive-distrib... We analyze BICEP2 and Planck data using a mo... [{'version': 'v1', 'created': 'Thu, 22 May 201... 2014-10-17 [[Mortonson, Michael J., ], [Seljak, Uroš, ]] 122 188.0
3 1807.01034 Evangelos Thomas Karamatskos Evangelos T. Karamatskos, Sebastian Raabe, Ter... Molecular movie of ultrafast coherent rotation... 9 Figures Nat Commun 10, 3364 (2019) 10.1038/s41467-019-11122-y None physics.chem-ph physics.atom-ph quant-ph http://arxiv.org/licenses/nonexclusive-distrib... Recording molecular movies on ultrafast time... [{'version': 'v1', 'created': 'Tue, 3 Jul 2018... 2020-05-19 [[Karamatskos, Evangelos T., ], [Raabe, Sebast... 6 8.0
4 1905.05921 Juanjuan Gu Juanjuan Gu and Yun Jing A Modified Mixed Domain Method for Modeling Ac... None None 10.1121/10.0001454 None physics.med-ph physics.comp-ph http://arxiv.org/licenses/nonexclusive-distrib... In this paper, phase correction and amplitud... [{'version': 'v1', 'created': 'Wed, 15 May 201... 2020-07-15 [[Gu, Juanjuan, ], [Jing, Yun, ]] 0 NaN
(59084, 15)
id submitter authors title comments journal-ref doi report-no categories license abstract versions update_date authors_parsed doi_cites
0 1605.00995 Simonetta Abenda Simonetta Abenda On a family of KP multi-line solitons associat... 48 pages, 5 figures. Revised manuscript. Added... J. Geom. Phys. 119 (2017), 112-138 10.1016/j.geomphys.2017.04.005 None math-ph math.MP http://arxiv.org/licenses/nonexclusive-distrib... We classify the soliton data in the totally ... [{'version': 'v1', 'created': 'Tue, 3 May 2016... 2019-06-27 [[Abenda, Simonetta, ]] 5
1 1206.6911 Hanqing Zheng L. Y. Dai, Meng Shi, Guang-Yi Tang, H. Q. Zheng On the Nature of X(4260) Refined analysis with new experimental data in... Phys. Rev. D 92, 014020 (2015) 10.1103/PhysRevD.92.014020 None hep-ph hep-ex http://arxiv.org/licenses/nonexclusive-distrib... We study the property of $X(4260)$ resonance... [{'version': 'v1', 'created': 'Thu, 28 Jun 201... 2015-07-22 [[Dai, L. Y., ], [Shi, Meng, ], [Tang, Guang-Y... 23
2 cond-mat/0504055 Haim Diamant B. Lin, M. Meron, B. Cui, S. A. Rice, H. Diamant From random walk to single-file diffusion 4 pages, 4 figures Phys Rev Lett 94, 216001 (2005) 10.1103/PhysRevLett.94.216001 None cond-mat.soft cond-mat.mtrl-sci physics.chem-ph None We report an experimental study of diffusion... [{'version': 'v1', 'created': 'Sun, 3 Apr 2005... 2007-05-23 [[Lin, B., ], [Meron, M., ], [Cui, B., ], [Ric... 93
3 astro-ph/9907297 Tod E. Strohmayer Tod E. Strohmayer Spin Down of Pulsations in the Cooling Tail of... 16 pages, AASTEX preprint with 7 embedded figu... None 10.1086/312258 None astro-ph None We report the discovery with the proportiona... [{'version': 'v1', 'created': 'Wed, 21 Jul 199... 2009-10-31 [[Strohmayer, Tod E., ]] 24
4 1104.5407 Lie-Wen Chen Lie-Wen Chen, Jian-Zhong Gu Correlations between the nuclear breathing mod... 9 pages, 6 figures. Discussions and references... J.Phys.G39:035104,2012 10.1088/0954-3899/39/3/035104 None nucl-th astro-ph.SR nucl-ex http://arxiv.org/licenses/nonexclusive-distrib... Based on microscopic Hartree-Fock + random p... [{'version': 'v1', 'created': 'Thu, 28 Apr 201... 2012-03-27 [[Chen, Lie-Wen, ], [Gu, Jian-Zhong, ]] 12


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